Media training

Media Training: Even confident people can freeze when they sit down in front of a television camera or have a microphone thrust under their nose! The message which they wanted to get across can disappear out of the window, particularly under aggressive questioning. Having been a broadcast journalist for 16 years, I can teach you how to relax in front of the camera; how to deal with difficult questions; and how to get your messages across.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a world where media and public relations count! Journalists may want to speak to you because you have good news to impart; or something in the company may have gone horribly wrong. You need to be able to rise to the challenge in either case; and you need to be ready well before it happens. You may not be in control of the news (that’s why it’s “news”!) And the worst thing that anyone can say to a journalist who is hungry for a story is, “No comment”. You may not have a comment; they will find one.

And, if you deal with Russia you may be interested to know that my advantage is that I can carry out Media Training (and Presentation Training) in Russian or English.